Garbology: the “dirty side” of Marketing

Did you know that trash can help you with your marketing strategy? Well, it can!

I was able to learn about Garbology Marketing, which is the study of trash as a way to analyze past consumer behavior. I found this method very fascinating to understand our target audience’s lifestyle and activities, as well as their purchase patterns and favorite brands. 

Collecting the waste materials from our consumers’ garbage can facilitate a better understanding of their preferences for foods and products, as well as their consumption habits. These sources of information are essential to creating buyer personas, which contributes to an improved brand content strategy and product development, that we can tailor to the specific wants and needs of our clientele. By analyzing their garbage, not only we get to understand and reason with our customer base, but also better engage with them through our inbound marketing efforts.

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  • Joe from Magma Air

    I am a Florida State licensed air conditioning contractor. I can tell you one thing, which I have learned from many years of experience: Customer feedback is the lifeblood of every successfull business.
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