Why should we care about what customers think?

Knowing what customers think has become a science that all marketers should be learning about. In every industry and business type, we have seen the power of emotions, attitudes and preferences influencing the consumers buying behaviour. That’s why it is so important to know what drives our target audience, discovering their needs and wants, their motivations, hobbies, lifestyles, likes and dislikes, their key purchase drivers as well as their pain points. The study of these psychological, personal, social and cultural factors of our market help our companies meet their demand of products and services in a way that might exceed their expectations, which leads to higher customer loyalty and referrals, contributing to higher sales revenue, profits and business growth.

Since consumer behaviour may result complex, a good start could be the definition of our Buyer Persona, which is a “fictional, generalized representation of our ideal consumers based on market research and real data about our existing customers” (Hubspot). In addition to the creation of our Buyer Persona, it is a good practice to map our customer’s journey. This visual representation of their interactions with our product or service is an essential tool for marketers to understand the context of buyer experience, their emotional state along the different touchpoints and identify where our brand succeeds or fails. Considering the results from the analysis of Buyer Persona and their Experience Map, the business can design possible interventions that could improve the consumer’s overall experience.

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